Movies You Need To Watch With Your Pumpkin Spiced Latte This Fall

Published on 07/30/2019
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Spiciest Movies To Watch With Your Pumpkin Latte This Fall

Fall is finally here and in honor of pumpkin spice lattes, browner leaves and Halloween, we couldn’t think of anything better than spicing up our latte with a blowout movie fest. Now we know there’s always a constant stream of blockbusting new releases, but there’s nothing worse than wasting your hard earned cash in the movie theater. Have you seen the price of popcorn these days? Or worst, spend hours of your life streaming and watching a movie that is borderline horrific. Those are hours that you can never get back! Thankfully 2018 has been jammed-packed with long-awaited adaptations, thrilling sequels, bold spin-offs and cutting-edge new releases. So we’ve checked the billboards to collate a list of the spiciest movies that you can’t afford to miss this fall!

A Star Is Born  ‎

As a directorial debut by the Hollywood legend Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born offers a reboot of the 1937 movie classic. The dramatic romantic musical features a star-studded cast, from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper himself to Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliot. The plot centers around Cooper, a famous country musician battling alcohol and drug addiction, who discovers a talented young singer and song-writer Lady Gaga in a bar. Amazed by her incredible talent, Cooper invites Gaga on tour. What follows is a thrilling and romantic plot, filled with dramatic twists and turns. Since its release in October, the movie has amassed critical acclaim around the world and already grossed $143 million in the box office. This is definitely one not to miss!

Robin Hood

The folk legend Robin Hood is a tale as old as time, but the new spin-off takes the legendary adventure to the next level of spectacular.  The action-packed movie features Taron Egerton, as the badass Crusader Robin Hood, in need of some extra training. So who else to help him brush up on his archery skills than Jamie Foxx himself, who plays Little John. Set against the historic backdrop of the English countryside, Robin and Little John lead a revolt against the corrupt English crown. The movie is filled with thrilling battles, jaw-dropping fight choreography and classic romance, so it’s well worth a watch.

Ralph Breaks The Internet

As a long-awaited sequel to the infamous Wreck It Ralph box office hit, the 3D animated Disney movie has finally made its comeback. The sequel follows Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz as they encounter more video game mayhem when the controller breaks and they are forced to unplug the machine. The new animated movie features a talented cast from John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman to Jack McBrayewr and Jane Lynch. You should also watch out for a few super cool crossovers and cameos, from Disney Princesses, The Muppets, Marvel Superheroes and Star Wars characters to Gal Gadot herself. After a six-year hiatus, we couldn’t be more excited for its animated return!