Netflix Plans To Make ~700~ Original Shows & Movies in 2018, Bit Much?

Published on 07/28/2019

Long before Netflix started creating originals, the term “binge-watch” was infamous beyond comprehension. Binge-watching was quite literally invented because of this popular streaming site, so pretty much everyone said farewell to free time and social activities, it was all about staying home and watching Netflix. It didn’t take long for the term “Netflix and chill” to mean way more than just simply watching TV with someone. It just goes to show how normalized Netflix is in our everyday lives.

Netflix And Chill

Now it seems as though Netflix is kicking it up a notch. From television shows to movies, it seems that there’s nothing this streaming site can’t do. And maybe that’ll be a problem soon. There is simply way too much content available for anyone to enjoy it all. How many shows are you currently watching? Three? Five? Seven? More?? Lists like this can be endless and it’s all thanks to Netflix.

Netflix And Chill1

Netflix And Chill

Netflix’s Plan

Here’s the thing, Netflix doesn’t really care if you’re struggling to keep up with your shows. Netflix CFO David Wells has just announced the company’s plans for 2018 and guys, it’s insane. Like bat-sh*t insane. (Pardon my French, but it’s true). Wells spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference when he announced that Netflix will spend $8 billion(!) on content this year. Meaning it’ll have ~700 original TV shows and movies~ for us to watch. Oh heavens me, I don’t know if we can handle this!

Netflixs Plan1

Netflixs Plan

What Now?

Granted that magic number of 700 also features some 80 international productions, such as the German thriller Dark, which makes the number slightly less terrifying. However, with that being said, if we’ve done our math right, that means that Netflix will honestly have 620 original TV shows and movies from the U.S. for us to binge on. We can pretty much say sayonara to our private and social lives because it seems as though we’ll never see the sun again. 2018 is shaping up to be *quite* the year. Help.