The 5 Ugliest Cars In The World

Published on 08/01/2019

We realize that everyone has their own personal taste, but we can all agree that some cars are just butt ugly. We’ve put a list together of the absolute ugliest cars we could get our hands on, and we think you’ll agree: they are just horrendous!

The 5 Ugliest Cars In The World

Prepare yourself…these are the top 5 ugliest cars in the entire world. You might need to close an eye…they’re pretty bad!

Marcos Mantis

British car manufacturer Marcos was especially talented in producing sports cars. The company produced ‘The Mantis’ in 1968, but only one model was released. Seeing as how unfortunate looking it is, we aren’t surprised! The car itself was retired the same year it was debuted, and the company as a whole ceased operations back in 2008. ‘The Mantis’ was last seen that same year at the Festival of Speed.

Reliant Robin

The 1973 Reliant Robin resembles a car, boat and motorcycle…all in one. We’re guessing the production team meant to create a sophisticated, yet out of this world car. We don’t think they hit the mark with sophisticated, but it sure is other worldly. The fiberglass car was one of the most popular of its kind ever made. Despite its popularity, we bet you aren’t surprised to hear it was featured in Top Car Magazine’s ugliest cars in the world list.

Citroën Ami

French car manufacturer Citroën produced the ‘Ami’ aka “the notchback”, a pick-up truck like sedan. We always thought of France as a place of great style and design, but our minds changed when this monstrosity was debuted in 1961!

The Aurora

A priest noticed the death toll rising from car accidents, and he wanted to change that nasty statistic. It was 1957, when he decided to create a death-proof vehicle. The car was dubbed the safest car ever, which is amazing…we just wish it wasn’t quite so ugly!

AMC Pacer

The 1975 AMC Pacer was an extremely popular car, called “futuristic, bold and unique” by reporters. The company decided to make an electric car as a way to avoid the 1970’s gasoline crisis. The electric car move was a great one, but we wish some style was tapped into!