Home Remedies For Dizziness: That Helps Quickly!

Published on 10/30/2022

Suddenly everything is spinning, knees go weak, vision darkens: attacks of dizziness are extremely uncomfortable, but in most cases they are easily overcome. These tips and home remedies help against dizziness. There are a number of triggers for dizziness – standing up too quickly, low blood pressure, lack of water or nutrients and tension are among the most common. If the cause is clear, you can use home remedies to combat dizziness.

Home Remedies For Dizziness: That Helps Quickly!

Water Is A Simple Remedy For Dizziness

A sudden attack of dizziness can have a very simple cause: lack of fluids. If the body does not get enough water, the blood flow slows down – and this means that the oxygen and nutrient supply is restricted. As a result, severe dehydration can lead to circulatory problems, which manifest themselves in the form of dizziness, among other things. The symptoms can then be relieved with a glass of water. To prevent dehydration, drink at least two liters of water (or unsweetened tea) throughout the day.

Chocolate Can End Dizziness Quickly

Anyone who often leaves the house on an empty stomach and eats little throughout the day should always have some chocolate with them. The lack of energy can cause the blood sugar level to drop, which causes dizzy spells, among other things. A piece of chocolate can suddenly improve the symptoms because the sugar goes directly into the blood. Basically, any food with a high sugar content relieves dizziness, e.g. chocolate bars, glucose and fruit juices.

Ginger As A Home Remedy for Dizziness And Nausea

It is not uncommon for a dizzy spell to be accompanied by nausea. A home remedy that relieves both symptoms at the same time is ginger. The yellow tuber stimulates blood circulation in the brain. In addition, the essential oils ensure that the queasy feeling in the stomach decreases. Ginger is most effective when eaten raw. To do this, peel a hazelnut-sized piece and then chew it.

Fresh Air

Dizziness can often be traced back to the body not getting enough oxygen, for example from spending hours in a room with the window closed or breathing too shallowly. The simple solution: air the room once an hour by leaving the window slightly open for three minutes. This is how the used air escapes to the outside. It’s even better to go for a walk in the fresh air and consciously take a few deep breaths. Through movement and deep breathing, the body absorbs oxygen even better because the circulation is stimulated.

What Else?

Avoid jerky, quick movements – especially when getting up and turning in bed. Since the sense of thirst decreases with age, a drinking schedule for older people is useful to prevent dizziness due to dehydration. Daily contrast showers are an effective remedy for dizziness caused by low blood pressure. Because the change between cold and warm water stimulates the circulation..