Why The Internet Is Freaking Out About The New Lion King Movie 2019

Published on 07/31/2019
The Lion King 2019

The Lion King 2019

So Disney just dropped a teaser for the live action remake of the Lion King 2019, and the internet is freaking out! It’s like all our Christmas’s came at once and we’re still catching our breath. The epic teaser-trailer was strategically aired during the NFL’s traditional Thanksgiving prime-time game. Soon enough, it become the most-viewed Disney trailer debut of all time, reaching a record-breaking 224.6 million global views in just 24 hours, and here’s why…

The Original Lion King

For the sake of nostalgia, let’s take a walk down memory lane… way back to 1994, when the first Lion King animated movie was first released. Little did we know that the film would become such a blockbusting hit, or that we would be singing ‘Ha Kuna Matata’ for the rest of our lives. Not only that, it soon became a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most iconic Disney classics of all time. Everyone remembers where they were the first time they saw Simba, and joined him on his overwhelmingly emotional journey through the Animal Kingdom in Africa. In fact, it became etched in Disney history and is still most people’s favorite childhood movie of all time.

This is why idea of bringing our favorite classic back to life is such a big deal. Will they continue the movie’s legacy? What will change? One worried fan tweeted, “I have such mixed feelings about The Lion King remake. My favourite film in the entire world and I’m so concerned the new version is absolutely awful.” The teaser hit us right in the feels, but also opened up so many questions….So, here is everything we know so far about the new Lion King remake:

Everything We Know So Far

The revamped Lion King will be brought to you by Disney Live Action, and is directed by Jon Favreau, the same brainchild behind the recent remake of the Jungle Book. Jon said,”It is a director’s dream to assemble a talented team like this to bring this classic story to life.” This means the new movie has been created using advanced CGI technology, making each scene and each character more realistic with HD quality and more futuristic than the next. Fans were shocked to see Simba looking so different in the trailer, so people are naturally worried about what the other characters will look like…

Another epic change, is that the new flick will feature a star-studded Hollywood cast. This can only be a good thing as Donald Glover will play Simba and Queen Beyonce herself will play his love interest Nala. Seth Rogen will play Pumbaa and Chiwetel Ejiofor is set to play his uncle Scar, to name but a few. Fans of the original film were also pleased to hear that the same narrator reprises the role of king Mufasa from the first movie, James Earl Jones. Ok Phew!

The New Plot

The new Lion King seems to follow a similar plot to the original, transporting us to the African savanna where Simba, the future king is born. In the trailer, the new movie recreates the first iconic scene, where King Mustafa celebrates Simba’s arrival by holding up the future heir to the throne on Pride Rock, for all of the animals in the kingdom to see. In the first movie, Mufasa’s brother, Scar was the former heir to the throne, and was not happy about Simba’s arrival, so he made plans of his own. This resulted in the battle for Pride Rock, where we we witnessed a journey of betrayal, tragedy and drama, and ultimately Simba’s exile. Thanks to the help of a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba was forced to figure out how he can take back what is rightfully his.

We’ll have to wait and see if the new movie follows the same story line, or if there are a few plot twists or surprises in store.

The brand new Lion King is set to be screened next Summer in 2019, and we’re already on the edge of our seats! The future of the Disney empire depends on this…